Nowadays, Singapore is one of the top smokeless industrial countries, which makes tourism - hospitality become the key economic sector. OEC would like to introduce you to Dimensions College, Singapore which help your dream about studying abroad and being good leaders in tourism - hospitality.

Dimensions provides variety of courses which relating restaurants, hotel, tourism from certificate courses, diploma to advanced diploma, master degree. These courses include both theory and internships which give students practical knowledge and better career oppotunities after graduation.

1. Diploma in Tourism, Hospitality Management
- Degrees are internationally accepted.
- Experienced and passionate teachers about Tourism - Hospitality.
- Multicutural learning environment with students from different countries.
- Getting practical experiences at factories, Hotels, Resorts in Singapore.
- Working as Manager postion at Restaurants after graduation.
- Paid internships in 4 -5 star Hotels with international standard, which helps you get more experiences and skills.

Time duration
- Full time 6 months Institutional Training (6 hours/day)
- 6 months Industrial attachment

Placement Requirements:
- Age: at least 16 years old
- Academic level: secondary or equipvalent
- English proficiency: IELTS 4.5 or CAE level 3 or sit for the placement English test at Dimensions to determine suitablity.

1.1 Diploma in Tourism - Hospitality Management
- Total fee: 6,381.38 SGD - 9,378.55 SGD
- Intakes: Febuary, May, July, September, November

1.2 Advanced diploma in Tourism - Hospitality
- Total fee: 7,292.05 SGD
- Intakes: Febuary, May, July, September, November

2. Diploma in Hospitality management. (Awarded by Chester University, UK)
The Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management awarded by Chester University, UK providing both theory and practice according to the requirements of this Industry which improves students' qualification in Tourism - Hospitality throughout studies, analysis, critical thinking ... The program focus on how to manage effectively, study and solutions for problems in tourism - hospitality business.
Students are going to get Bachelor's degree awarded by Chester University, UK.

Requirement: Graduated Advanced Diploma at Dimensions or equipvalent.
Age: at least 17 years old
Total fee: 19,859.20 SGD
Intakes: May and September
Dimensions has a lot of scholarships for excellent students who are consulted by OEC (free consultancy, documents, visa, ...)

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